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Cultivating Washington's Finest

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Lawrence Vineyards is our estate vineyard on the Frenchman Hills near Royal City, Wash., in the Columbia Valley.

Currently in production: Riesling (clone 2, 9 and 12), Syrah (Joseph Phelps, Sara Lee, and Tablas Creek clones), Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 2 and 6), Pinot Gris (clone 9 and WA clone) and Roussanne (Tablas Creek clone) . Coming into production: Grenache (Tablas Creek and clone 3), Viognier (WA clone) and Cabernet Sauvignon (clone 6). Farther out in production: Malbec (clone 4) and Merlot (clone 15).

Our vineyard provides the ideal conditions for growing fine wine grapes, particularily with its south-facing slope, elevation (1,365-1,675 feet), and climate.

The soil is a silt loam with a depth of 18-42 inches on top of fractured basalt. Our well-draining soil along with our drip irrigation system give us full control over the water intake of the vines.